Buttock Enhancement

pictutres-butt2In recent years, cosmetic surgery has been embraced in record numbers. Women and men alike are feeling empowered by face, skin and body procedures, like breast or buttock augmentation that offer a previously unknown sense of self-confidence and ageless beauty. Today, Southern Californians are particularly fortunate to have access to esteemed cosmetic surgeon, David A. Feldmar, M.D.

Though it is not yet as popular as breast augmentation or certain facial procedures, buttock augmentation is quickly growing in popularity. When you undergo buttock augmentation from Dr. David Feldmar, you can rest easy knowing you’re receiving the body contouring surgery from a truly skilled and experienced professional. Dr. Feldmar was trained in General and Trauma surgery at the highly-regarded Cedars-Sinai Medical Center before moving to New York City, where he served as Chief Resident in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Since then, the double board-certified surgeon has worked and taught alongside top cosmetic and plastics specialists in Los Angeles.

While some undergo procedures like fat transfer buttock augmentation on its own, a number of women elect to undergo the procedure as part of an overall mommy makeover, a personalized combination of procedures designed to recreate a woman’s pre-pregnancy figure. Through procedures like C-Section scar removal, breast lift and liposuction, Los Angeles women can continue to enjoy the self-confidence and truly stunning aesthetic beauty that they have come to recognize as an essential element of their identity as the joy of motherhood. Dr. Feldmar understands that every woman’s body and cosmetic goals are unique to her own body structure and aesthetic tastes, which is why the surgeon speaks at length with every woman prior to the surgery to ensure each is satisfied with the results.

As a celebrated expert in cosmetic surgery, Dr. Feldmar, as well as his indispensable medical team, understands that for some individuals the buttock augmentation costserves as a hurdle to receiving the confidence-boosting procedure. However, we believe that financial constraints should never serve as an obstacle between anyone and their aesthetic goals. That’s why we consult every patient on how to properly and responsibly cover the buttock augmentation cost, as well as address any concern a patient may have relating to our cosmetic procedures.

Once we have thoroughly discussed what can be expected from the surgery, most patients are actually surprised at how affordable the procedure is when performed by a precise surgeon like Dr. Feldmar. That’s because the expert doctor works to ensure the procedure is performed with the utmost care, minimizing recovery time and any potential complications that can occur when under the care of a lesser surgeon. Dr. Feldmar’s wide breadth of knowledge includes an awareness of the latest advances in the field, allowing him to avoid the outdated methods utilized by some other surgeons.

If you have questions regarding Brazilian buttock augmentation, mommy makeover or any other procedures performed by Dr. Feldmar, contact the surgeon today. All of your questions and concerns will be thoroughly answered in consultation. Aesthetic beauty, as well as the self-confidence and opportunities it affords, are gifts that should be cherished throughout your life. Truly timeless beauty can be achieved through partnering with Dr. David A. Feldmar.