C-Section Scar Removal

torso-banner2Dr. David Feldmar has extensive experience performing scar removal surgery, including C-section revisions. In some cases, a C-section must be performed under emergency circumstances, without concern for future scarring. In these instances, C-section scar removal from Dr. Feldmar can produce exceptionally rejuvenating effects. Thanks to his expert skill, the surgeon even specializes in combining scar revisions with a mini-tummy tuck procedure, resulting in a dramatically improved appearance. Depending on the situation, the renowned surgeon may use laser therapy or a surgical procedure to dramatically alter the appearance of a scar.

Throughout life, scars are inevitable. Exercise, sports, vehicle collisions, even giving birth can lead to injuries that produce long-term scarring. As anyone familiar with rudimentary artistic principles is aware, symmetry is an integral element of aesthetic beauty, and unfortunately, the suffering of a scar can severely obscure one’s natural beauty. That’s why, for those looking to undergo surgery to remove a scar, it is integral to find a surgeon with the world-class abilities of Dr. Feldmar. Not only does the acclaimed surgeon boast exceptional medical knowledge, but his experience and focus have allowed him to garner the eye of a true artist. When performed by Dr. Feldmar, surgery for scar removal or any other cosmetic need always leads to incredible, confidence-building and natural-looking results.


When seeking the ideal surgeon for cosmetic scar removal, Los Angeles residents know to trust Beverly Hills-native Dr. Feldmar. However, many are surprised to learn that Dr. Feldmar is well-known among cosmetic and reconstructive surgeons on the east coast and throughout the U.S.

Dr. Feldmar attended Finch University at the Chicago Medical School where he graduated at the top of his class, while obtaining his medical degree. From there, the reputation of the renowned surgeon continued to grow as he was trained in General Trauma Surgery at the highly-regarded Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. To share his gifts while broadening his education even further, Dr. Feldmar relocated to New York City, where he served as Chief Resident in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the world-famous Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Over his career, Dr. Feldmar has performed a wide range of surgeries, from self-esteem-building liposuction and mommy makeover surgeries to breast and nipple reconstruction after a mastectomy. Thanks to his experience in performing reconstructive as well as cosmetic procedures, Dr. Feldmar produces equally-impressive results when performing C-scar removal surgery, face lift or buttock augmentation procedures among numerous others. While working in his hometown of Los Angeles, today Dr. Feldmar gives back to his community teaching residents in general, plastic and reconstructive surgery at Cedars-Sinai and St. John’s Medical Center in Santa Monica. Perhaps it is his passion for helping those less fortunate with his unparalleled skill and experience that has lead Dr. Feldmar to develop a meticulous surgical approach that is as artistic and aesthetically appealing as it is technically impressive.

If you are ready to experience the increased self-confidence, and all the opportunities it affords, contact Dr. Feldmar, the Beverly Hills plastic surgeon for scar removal Los Angeles residents trust foremost. Any questions you have regarding the surgeon’s procedures, including recovery and cost concerns, will be thoroughly answered in consultation. Dr. Feldmar, and his entire staff of medical professionals, is dedicated to assisting you in achieving your aesthetic goals, so contact us today.