Fat Transfer To Buttock

At the offices of David A. Feldmar, MD, you’ll find a team that is dedicated to providing each patient with the best possible care when it comes to plastic and reconstructive surgery. Led by the renowned Dr. Feldmar, patient’s throughout Southern California trust us as the idealBeverly Hills plastic surgeon for face, breast, skin and body procedures. These can range from the widely popular breast enlargement treatment to less well-known but exquisitely effective fat transfer buttocks procedures.

With a fat transfer to buttocks procedure, Dr. Feldmar will remove a patient’s own fat, re-implanting it where needed. Fat is typically extracted from body parts like the abdomen or thighs, and injected into the patient’s own bottom, leading to a fuller, more aesthetically pleasing behind.

Among buttock augmentation options, the fat transfer to buttocks stands as one of the most effective, producing natural results that arise from the skill of the expert surgeon. Perhaps most importantly, with fat transfer to the buttocks, the use of a patient’s own fat means that the risk of rejection or infection is nearly entirely removed. Furthermore when performed by Dr. Feldmar, patients can expect little to no downtime after the procedure, with many patients returning to normal activities within a few days after receiving treatment.

Prior to the fat transfer buttocks treatment, Dr. Feldmar will meet with each patient, establishing a feasible surgery plan to provide each patient with the ideal results for their specific body type and aesthetic goals. The fat transfer to buttocks procedure is rapidly growing in popularity among women – and some men – thanks in large part to the prevalence of stunningly voluptuous, curvy celebrities like Kim Kardashian and JLo. However, patients specifically choose to undergo treatment by Dr. Feldmar because of his expert ability in performing the surgery with natural, aesthetically appealing results and largely safe, minimally invasive methods.


As a native of Beverly Hills, Dr. David Feldmar understands the important role that aesthetic beauty can play in ensuring a life that is filled with meaningful relationships and exciting opportunities. It is this perspective that has led the esteemed surgeon when setting out on his career.

Over the years, the work of Dr. Feldmar has been marked with a perfect balance of medical expertise and the artistic perspective necessary to deliver beautiful and natural results for every patient. After obtaining his medical degree at the revered Finch University at the Chicago Medical School – finishing at the top of his class, no less – the good doctor was trained in both General and Trauma surgery at the highly-regarded Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

His studies then took him to the renowned Albert Einstein College of Medicine, where he served as Chief Resident in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Once completing his formal education, Dr. Feldmar returned home to Southern California, where countless patients and medical specialists alike benefit from his meticulously studied eye and world-class skill.

At the offices of David A. Feldmar, MD, you’ll find a friendly knowledgeable staff that is committed to providing for each patient’s comfort throughout the entirety of treatment – ensuring we always offer the finest patient care available. If you’re interested in learning more about Dr. Feldmar’s treatment for fat transfer buttocks in Beverly Hills, please browse our website or call our office at 310.955.4009, or 1.888.571.7237, or visit ourcontact page to schedule an initial consultation.