Post Bariatric Surgery

pictures-postbar_2Massive weight loss is a tremendous accomplishment, but for most people, it’s not the last step in achieving the body shape they desire. Most people who’ve undergone bariatric surgery need to address the subsequent problem of loose and sagging skin.

Depending on a person’s individual needs, there are many surgical options available for body contouring that can address the problem. A thigh lift will reduce or eliminate excess skin from the thighs, producing tighter, more shapely thighs with fewer skin irregularities. A buttock lift will reduce excess skin from the buttocks and create firmer buttocks with more flattering contours.  A hip lift, often performed in combination with thigh and/or buttock lifts, will reduce or eliminate excess skin from the hips, creating a smoother, more shapely physique.  Body contouring procedures are often performed in conjunction with other procedures such as Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, Arm lift, Breast Enlargement, or Breast Lift.  While recovery times will vary, a full recovery from body contouring procedures is usually expected within four to six months.