Breast Enlargement

pictures-breastenlargeThis is a very popular procedure for women of all ages and among the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery procedures.  Breast enlargement is the right choice for a woman seeking to enhance her figure or to correct a lack of symmetry in size and shape.  Many mothers in their 30s choose this procedure after experiencing a loss of skin tone and sagging breasts which are often the result of bearing children. Many women in their 20s choose this procedure to create a more proportionate or flattering figure.  Women in their 40s and above may choose this procedure in conjunction with a breast lift.  During your initial consultation with Dr. Feldmar, patient preferences for size and shape are discussed at great length.

The procedure involves inserting a silicone or saline-filled implant into a small incision under the breast.  The surgery usually takes less than two hours and a patient can return to work in 5 to 7 days.  This is a very safe procedure that has been chosen by thousands of women with no side effects.