Hand Rejuvenation

pictures-hands2Dr. David A. Feldmar is on the leading edge of all the latest techniques for rejuvenation of the entire body. While all the work that women and men have done on their face and body, the hands have tended to get short shrift. The result being that hands are considered the area that reveals a person’s real age.

The good news is that a number of new techniques can give your hands the lift they deserve and make your real age as mysterious a matter as you’d like it to be. Through the use of any of a number of minimally invasive fillers, Dr. Feldmar can give hands the beautiful elasticity of someone much younger.

Your hands don’t need to be a dead giveaway. To find out which procedures are best for you and your hands, call David A. Feldmar, M.D. today. He and his outstanding medical staff are looking forward to hearing from you